3 Focuses: Ideas, Progress, iSin Feedback

By shaydawkins | Intellectual Rebel Podcast

Dec 22

My goal with this blog is to connect with open-minded individuals and ultimately build an active “Intellectual Rebel Community” on this blog. I live with a “WE mentality” actively, and I’ve seen firsthand how powerful living with a “WE or TEAM mentality” can be from the great business successes and interpersonal success I have attained since living by this mentality.  Furthermore, I thrive off of good communication; so, some self-interest plays a role in wanting to build an active community because I do like to IMPROVE!  Below are three main focuses I would like the blog to be built around.


Discuss any topic or thought that intrigues you.  Have a question about religion that you are uncomfortable with asking to your preacher or the people around?  Ask it here. Have a business idea, but you are not comfortable discussing it with those you interact with on a day-to-day basis? Ask it here.  Hence, the Intellectual Rebel site and blog has been created for those who are AWAKENED enough to THINK for themselves, who WANT BETTER, and who actively strive to GET BETTER by becoming more aware and more knowledgeable on a daily basis.


State any small victories you have recently experienced. Discuss things you see as “Good” in the world aka “progress” you see in our world, and offer your expertise in whatever area you feel you bring value in. (Contact me to get my approval first), but I am all for you promoting yourself on my site. The way I see it is the more people and views you can bring to the site, the better it is for you and me. Hence, that is a prime example of the “POWER of WE” that is a vocal point of my book, iSin: Upgrade To Life 2.0.

iSin: Upgrade to Life 2.0 Feedback

I want feedback and would like to hear your questions about any topic or sub-topic discussed in iSin. I LOVE good, though-out feedback even if it is disagreeing with me. I will respect your opinion and criticism (for the matter) as long as any criticism is THOUGHT OUT with some logic to it. I am always striving to GET BETTER myself via attaining deeper insights. iSin will unlock and unleash a better version of yourself. With that being said, progress never sleeps.  I may currently be “Shay Version 3.0,” but before it is all said and done I hope to be at “Shay Version 9.0” or beyond. Hence, be free and open on here. Ask ANY question regarding the book or anything you would like discussed under the different blog categories. I’m an “open book” (no pun intended) and will answer anything you ask. Let’s get the ball rolling! Feel free to ask away!


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Author. Thought Enthusiast. Serial Entrepreneur. I write about big ideas, revolutionary concepts, and life advice from my numerous shortcomings and proven successes.


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