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BE CRAZY enough to HAVE FUN!
BE CRAZY enough to HAVE FUN!

Founder, Shay Dawkins, on Halloween

Song: “Crazy B*tch” -Buckcherry

Be CrAzY!

F*ck being “normal!”  You should be CRAZY enough to WANT BETTER, BE CRAZY enough to WANT MORE out of your life, BE CRAZY enough to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, BE CRAZY enough to TALK ABOUT YOUR IDEAS, BE CRAZY enough to THINK for YOURSELF, BE CRAZY enough to BELIEVE in your “gut feelings,” BE CRAZY enough to realize that a “status quo” mind frame will lead to a “status quo” life, BE CRAZY enough to DREAM, and EVEN BE CRAZIER to GO AFTER those DREAMS with EVERY OUNCE of EFFORT YOU’VE GOT!  BE THAT F*CKING CRAZY!

Here is QUICK TEST to see if you have been LIVING or EXISTING:

 If you died tomorrow, then could you honestly say you experienced everything your heart desires?  Were you CRAZY enough to visit all of the places you yearned to visit?  Were you CRAZY enough to SHOW those you love that you LOVE them?  Were you CRAZY enough to LIVE YOUR LIFE to the FULLEST?  Were you CRAZY enough to LOVE those you LOVE ALL OUT with no LIMITS?  Were you a CRAZY person who LIVED or were you a “normal, robot” who EXISTED?

You should know that “YOLO (You Only Live Once)” is NOT TRUE (I knew there was some reason I never was fond of “YOLO” when it was popular) yet “YODO (You Only Die Once)” is TRUE!  Just because a person is breathing does not mean that person is LIVING.  Many people “breathe and EXIST” yet few people are CRAZY ENOUGH to LIVE!  Now, I (personally) do not have anything against “normal” people, but I AM EMBRACING and PROMOTING for you to be “CRAZY” in the above described ways.  I AM stating that it is BETTER to be “a little TOO CRAZY” than to be “a little TOO NORMAL (BORING)!”  I AM stating that it is BETTER to THRIVE than to simply EXIST and SURVIVE!  I AM stating that it is better to GET IN THE GAME– swing and “strike out”– shoot and miss — try and “fail”– but GET YOUR ASS OFF THE SIDELINES and SWING, SHOOT, TRY, FAIL, SWING AGAIN, SHOOT AGAIN, TRY AGAIN, and FAIL AGAIN because you ONLY LOSE if YOU QUIT or if you NEVER GET YOUR ASS OFF THE SIDELINES and INTO THE GAME!


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