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Jul 09

Raise your hand if you have problems!
(My right hand is raised)!

Raise your hand if you would like to become BETTER, RIGHT NOW!
(My left hand is raised!)

Raise your hand if you would like to help those you love not only fix their problems, but would like to enable them to find the soul source to solve all of their problems!
(AYYYYYY!! Both of my hands are raised to the SKY!!!)

We all as human beings deal with EMOTIONS; there are GOOD EMOTIONS that enable you to be strong, tap into YOUR GREAT POTENTIAL (some might say “God”), and live in your LOVE (LIGHT); on the contrary, there are SINFUL(BAD) EMOTIONS that only will weaken you, hinder you, and take you into DARKNESS (MISERY or SORROW)! Improving your EQ or emotional intelligence is essential for our growth as individuals. Before going any further, I strongly want to iterate that “believing in God or not believing in God” does not change the FACT that we all (as human beings) will face struggles and obstacles via being challenged by our own natural, sinful emotions! BOTH the religious and the atheist, BOTH the liberal and the conservative, BOTH the student and the teacher, BOTH the rich man and the poor man, BOTH the man and the woman, and BOTH the white man and the black man are all challenged by sinful emotions.

The Power of Your Thoughts

This battle has waged and will always wage in all of our own minds via the thoughts we choose to think! Ready to WIN? READY to REALIZE your GREAT POTENTIAL so that you may UNLEASH IT–not only for YOU, but for those YOU LOVE?! Your love, hope, happiness, peace, joy, and fulfillment are all at hand right now.

Here is a quick example of the power of your thoughts in that you can internally (emotionally) have whatever you want, right now:

Want ANGER? Think of something that makes you angry. Think of someone who did you wrong. Want to feel REALLY ANGRY? Keep dwelling on what made you ANGRY. FEED the ANGER by CONINUOUSLY THINKING of ALL THE WRONG that has been done to you. Now, STOP! Remember how you feel right now. Now, SWITCH your thoughts by thinking of something that makes you feel good. THINK of something you are APPRECIATIVE for. THINK of someone you are THANKFUL for and say, “Thank you,” to that person in your mind; say “Thank you” again to that person, and begin to FEEL the LOVE you FEEL TOWARDS that person. FEED the THANKFULNESS and LOVE you feel. DWELL in how BLESSED you are RIGHT NOW because you are BLESSED, BEAUTIFUL, and FULL of GREAT POTENTIAL.

You have activated your LIMITLESS potential when you are dwelling in good thoughts because GOOD THOUGHTS stimulate GOOD EMOTIONS! Furthermore, you should be able to really FEEL the difference in how the anger-based, SINFUL THOUGHTS FILLED you INTERNALLY (EMOTIONALLY) versus how the LOVE-BASED, GOOD THOUGHTS FILLED you INTERNALLY (EMOTIONALLY)!

Public Enemy #1

Here is a brief introduction to YOUR ENEMIES (SINFUL EMOTIONS) who want to ROB YOU of your love, hope, happiness, peace, joy, and fulfillment.
(In my boxing commentator voice), “In the red corner, straight out of darkness, standing UNDEFEATED in fading light, the love killing, hope draining, happiness hindering, peace eradicating, joy ruining, solution destroying, and the source of all sin; ladies and gentlemen, YOUR PUBLIC ENEMY #1— “IGNORANCE OF LOVE!”
“Ignorance of Love” can be more thoroughly defined as “not being aware of where the true source of love resides.” The true source of LOVE is found from WITHIN YOURSELF, and your Public Enemy #1, Ignorance of Love, wants to keep you blinded from that fact because if you do not REALIZE that your true love, happiness, peace, love, joy, and fulfillment are found from within yourself, then you will surely go search for these positive emotions in external things (yes, this includes external people). In a nut shell, this is where the sins of lust, vanity, and external addictions (physical vices) come into play because external pleasures may fill you with these good emotions in the short-term, but will easily cause you to create the sinful habit of becoming dependent on these external things for your INTERNAL RICHES (LOVE, PEACE, JOY, FULFILLMENT) that can only be found from WITHIN yourself. This will leave you weak and vulnerable because external circumstances may change, but your internal circumstances are always within your control. Your internal circumstances are always within your control because you can always CHANGE YOUR MIND and THINK BETTER THOUGHTS for yourself!

Other “Class A Emotional Sins”
Living in ANGER
Living in FEAR
Living in SELF-DOUBT
COMPLAINING about things you cannot control

10 Unknown” Sins
1) Gossip (Meaningless or Empty Speech)
2) Not being an ACTIVE LISTENER
3) Reactively speaking BEFORE THINKING
4) Not living by YOUR WORD
5) Arguments
6) Finding JOY and ENTERTAINMENT in talking about other peoples’ imperfections
7) Being TOO SILENT when you are PEACEFUL and NOT COMMUNICATING what you want when you are PEACEFUL
8) Eavesdropping
9) Not having GOOD GOALS
10) Not thinking for yourself

For more information on sinful emotions and how you can learn to control and use them for your benefit, check out: iSin: Upgrade To Life 2.0.


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