Heroes: Vol 1. Issue 1. “Heroes aren’t born; they are MADE.”

By shaydawkins | Mental & Emotional Health

Jul 12

Heroes aren’t born; they are made. A hero is very self-aware and emotionally intelligent. They are self-aware enough to realize their strengths, weaknesses, and imperfectness (most importantly). A hero sacrifices for the greater good of those associated with them, especially the ones they love. They sacrifice their self-pride in the sense they will many times “over produce” in their work yet not receive the credit they are due. When this situation occurs, they may find themselves feeling down for a moment (because they are human), but they always re-focus and find the courage to keep pushing. They keep pushing because they know “the push” further builds their character and mental fortitude. Frankly, they enjoy strengthening their character and mental fortitude because this enables their power to grow stronger. Their adversary, discouragement, stands no chance because they have an unwavering faith in themselves; this great faith may be shaken, but is never shattered.

A hero looks forward to the challenge of being treated UNFAIRLY, especially when it conjures up their adversary, Wrath, to come knock on their door. (BANG! BANG! BANG!) “Hero, you have been forsaken. Can you believe they have done this to you? You can cut them to their core with your knowledgeable and insightful words. Give them what they deserve! DO IT! (Wrath knocks again) BANG! BANG! BANG! Crush them hero! We both know your words will surely destroy them! They are wrong, and you are right; we both know this!” A true hero enjoys this challenge because they understand this is a GREAT opportunity to further build their patience. They know that great patience blended with a relentless work ethic is a “magical blend” that grows their powers exponentially. Before allowing Wrath to control them (because a hero will get quite angry at times), they will hit the “pause button” and self-reflect. Self-reflection enables them to rememeber that even though they have the power to destroy others, they must not allow Wrath to consume them. They know Wrath loves to destroy, and that Wrath will ultimately destroy them via robbing them of their own internal peace.

A superhero is enabled to use “wrongs done to them” and adversity, in general, as an opportunity to BUILD, not destroy. A superhero not only forgives, but consciously forgets (in most instances). They do this because they are aware that “holding on to wrongs” doesn’t enable them to FLY (First Love Yourself); oh, and we all know that superheroes love to FLY. They forgive when the other party was ninety-nine percent in the wrong. They forgive in this situation because they know it’s best for all parties involved to clear the air. They understand they are the only one who has attained the STRENGTH to say, “I’m sorry,” and enable all involved to move forward. This is an example of the great RESPONSIBILITY that comes with the GREAT POWER bestowed upon a superhero. To be continued…

This is Issue 1 of the Hero Series. New adversaries, new powers, and new challenges will be revealed in future issues. Be sure to follow the blog so that you will be notified when the next episode is released. If you would like to get way ahead of the game and begin awakening the superhero within you right now, then check out my book, iSin: Upgrade To Life 2.0iSin specializes in showing you how to tap into the GREAT POTENTIAL residing within you, by revealing practical ways to generate and dwell in SUPERNATURAL EMOTIONS. Furthermore, iSin not only reveals the true enemies of us all, SINFUL EMOTIONS, but also shows you how to use these sinful emotions for your benefit.

A hero realizes sinful emotions, but a superhero has the ability to manipulate and use sinful emotions in beneficial ways! –Shay Dawkins


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