Gun Control: A Debate

By shaydawkins | Intellectual Rebel Podcast

Oct 11

One of the goals of the Solution Shay Blog is to stimulate good conversation via enabling our members to partake in some good old-fashioned debate around relevant topics. I plan to get the conversation started by finding a video that presents a strong argument from both a more republican point of view (“the right”) and a more democratic point of view (“the left”). For our issue, gun control, I found the following two videos from Bill Whittle (“the right”) and Barack Obama (“the left”) to both make some very good points that we all should contemplate for ourselves.

“The Right”

“The Left”

Both videos make some very strong arguments. I agree with “the right” video in that our second amendment should be protected at all costs. If a person does not have a history of violence, then he or she should be enabled to buy whatever gun(s) they feel is necessary to protect themselves from both criminals and from tyranny. I agree with “the left” that a “TRUE terrorist sympathizer” or a person with a violent, criminal background should not be enabled to walk into a gun store or gun show and buy guns so easily. I do slightly agree more with the points made in “the right” video because I, personally, am not fond of giving the government the power to decide “who is a terrorist sympathizer” and who is not. I can easily see anyone being “framed as a terrorist” for simply disagreeing with the government, if the power given to the FBI and government is not kept in check. I feel the best deterrent of gun violence is for the perpetrator (a person who plans to commit any type of violent crime) to be aware that the victim they are targeting likely has a way to adequately defend themselves.

Those are my thoughts. I don’t claim to be an “expert” in this arena, BUT I do find the gun control issue to be a relevant one. We should have a real discussion about gun control and thoroughly contemplate the issue at hand for ourselves. What do you think? Do you agree more with “the right” or “the left” video? Do you think the best solution could be found somewhere in between both points of view? Let me know in the comments! All comments and view points are welcome as long as you clearly state the logic and reasoning you used to reach your current viewpoint.




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