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Feb 20, 2017 11:32pm

Have I told you how incredibly happy you make me feel, I’ve never ever felt like this I pinch myself to see if all this is even real.

You make me laugh when at times I’m not in the mood, always bringing me some flowers and my favorite delicious food.

When I first met ya you were so annoying, aways had a corny joke and I thought of you well as quit boring.

Nerdy handsome eyes with always neatly hair cuts, from your stylist clothes to the smell of your Cologne that drove me nuts.

But then one day I just couldn’t stop thinking of him, I kept hearing his voice even when I work out at the gym.

I finally said yes to have dinner and to my surprise, we had so much fun and so much in common we talked until the sunrise.

We traveled the roads and we went out on so many dates, each one quit special aways looking forward to what awaits.

I remember the time we dinned with your friends and mine, we all had a good time everyone complimented on you bringing that fine wine.

When we argue we can’t stay mad not for very long, our love is so strong that we even admit to each other who is wrong.

I have in the past been hurt and cheated on before, but you have proven to be trust worthy such a great man and so much more.

You are truly a kind sweetheart loving old soul, I just didn’t realize how lucky I am, it’s like I struck gold.

Just to think I had been avoided you all this time, as you sit I’m looking into your eye I’m so glad that you are mine.

So after 4 years of dating I’ve realized that you are truly the one, it’s all so beautiful because love has finally won.

He pops down on his knees, in front of everyone and I freeze.

Shhhhh!! wait he says don’t talk just listen to how my heart beats only for you, you make me extremely happy and you know it’s true.

So take this ring he says and pulls it out from behind his pocket, and proposes his love as happy tears are falling down my eye socket.

He pulls me close and whispers softly in my ear, he whispers so only I can hear.

“I would love to spend the rest of my life with you, I want to give you my all would you be my boo.”


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