Volume 2 (2017)
iSin: Upgrade To Life 2.0

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The self-improvement book for people who hate self-improvement books, but who enjoy content focused on increasing self-awareness and mindfulness.  iSin: Upgrade To Life 2.0 is all about empowering the individual not through avoiding problems or “always being optimistic,” but rather through engaging in self-awareness techniques (written from the author’s first-hand experiences) enabling the reader to self-reflect and become aware of the true enemies that challenge us all, sinful emotions.  It’s a revolutionary departure from anything else you’ve ever read, and that’s what makes it so powerful.

“Have you ever had those days when you felt that something was out of place? This book helps you to explore you, your inner reaches. Each chapter is like a treasure map leading the reader to find “gems” within themselves along with pointing out the pitfalls that we all encounter in day to day life. A thought provoking guide to finding the ultimate treasure-a better version of yourself. A must read.” Amazon Customer    

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VOLUME 1 (2011)
The Good News: How Revealing Delusions In Christianity Will Bring Peace To All

The Good News Cover

The Good News” is a book on revealing the delusions or false doctrines in Christianity based not on a personal agenda or other peoples’ opinions (many preachers are forced to conform their beliefs in seminary school to whatever doctrines their denomination chooses to promote), but by analyzing hundreds of “banned Scriptures” that are rarely, if ever, discussed in church or Bible study.  Its focus is on discussing these Scriptures from a non-emotionally charged, non-agenda promoting point of view based in logic and reason. Its goal is to simply promote “thinking for oneself” because many simply regurgitate what they have been told to be true by other people (preachers in this case) rather than forming an informed, original point of view of their own.

It’s the most unbiased, thought-provoking content discussing the religion of Christianity and its common concepts of Heaven, Hell, the Trinity, etc. you’ve ever read. By the end of the read, you will see that Christianity’s message and Jesus’s message are two totally different messages.

“I read The Good News today. I’m glad I happened upon this good book with a unique layout. Gems are multifaceted with many angles. The first volume let’s one “see” Christianity from an angle outside the comfort zone. This is the first time I’ve considered the precept of free will as possibly being the will of God placed within. You use Old Testament scriptures with Hebrew words of origin and translation; that much garners scholarly attention. The New Testament scriptures point to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As with any gem worth looking at, the first “cut” makes anticipation of the second volume an angle worth waiting for. Great read!” -Shannon H

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4) An Intellectual Rebel Wristband

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