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Although there is some valuable content in this read, I want to emphasize that my writing material and I, personally, have upgraded tremendously, since writing this book over six years ago. I urge you to read my recently published book, iSin: Upgrade To Life 2.0first. It is where all my focus lies, and it will provide you with a lot more value than this read. Blatantly, iSin is A LOT BETTER. My biggest fear is that someone would read this book, not like it, and come to the judgment that my work with iSin is of the same quality because that would be the FURTHEST thing from the truth. I will openly admit that this book, The Good News: How Revealing Delusions In Christianity Will Bring Peace To Allhas some valuable content, and is slightly above-average, at best. Whereas, iSin has TREMENDOUS value for anyone who truly wants a BETTER life for themselves. This read was written by a guy who was ANGRY at religion yet overcame his anger through writing about it. This read is written for someone who questions religion such as an agnostic or an open-minded Christian, a person who may be angry towards religion such as an atheist or an unchurched Christian, or for those who simply enjoy logically thinking “outside the box” from a basis of reason such as a freethinker or a non-conformist (i.e. ancient alien theorists).

Jesus VS Christianity

This book “takes Catholicism out of Christianity” by revealing the many false, man-made doctrines of Christianity (which were created by other MEN) in the hope that the truth of Jesus’s ONLY two commandments (Commandment #1: Love YOURSELF with your heart, mind, soul, strength because “God” dwells within you; Commandment #2: Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF (I emphasis “AS YOURSELF” because Jesus iterated that YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF, FIRST, then love your neighbor, SECOND). Matthew 22: (34-40), Mark 12: (28-31), and Luke 10: (25-28) all clearly state Jesus’s only two commandments of which he said, “Do this and you will LIVE (LIVE FULLY RIGHT NOW)!”

Jesus > Christianity

In a nutshell, Jesus’s message is quite different than the MANY different messages of Christianity. Trust me, being raised in the heart of the Bible Belt my entire life, I have SEEN FIRST-HAND the divisiveness that “Christians” feel towards other “Christians” (not to mention how they may feel towards “non-Christians”). For example, many “Baptists” look down on “Pentecostals” because the “Baptist” believes in just singing hymns– you would likely fall asleep in the Baptist churches I grew up in– while the “Pentecostal” sings, claps, and dances to the extent you may feel a little uncomfortable, if you were unaware beforehand that you would be attending a rock concert. It may sound funny, but this is a simple example of how DIVISIVE and JUDGMENTAL CHRISTIANS can be toward other CHRISTIANS over something as simple as “how the songs are sung” in church. Again, this example is 100% TRUE from my first-hand experiences growing up.  Watch the 2:00 Minute YouTube Video of my radio interview with an angry preacher from 2012 who tells me, “You don’t have the right to discuss Scripture with me.” Then, he hangs up on me, and his boss apologizes to me stating, “He (the preacher) attacked you (Shay) for no reason.”

This read was written because I felt compelled to share with others what I have discovered to be true and untrue in Christianity (from over 200+ Scriptures listed in the book). This information allowed me to find personal peace, happiness, and understanding. For a long time, I carried around much ANGER, RESENTMENT, and an overall DISLIKE towards Christianity and some Christians’ blindness. I was not a very happy and loving person, during this time. Over seven years of rigorous research and thought was into this book. This read is thought-provoking, controversial, uplifting, and thoroughly based in educated logic. No matter your belief system, this read will leave you with a new perspective on the concept of God and Christianity as a religion.

Want to know what the Bible REALLY says about?

Social Activism
Gay Rights & Birth Control Rights
Did Jesus ever really condemn homosexuality?

False Religious Beliefs & Misconceptions
Hell, Heaven, The Trinity, and many more
Would Jesus go to church or hang out with “Christians?”

Psychology & Self-Help
Dealing with Death & Grief,  Jesus’s Truth
Does it seem strange to you that “Heaven” is attained by saying a few words rather than based upon how you live your life?

Free Will VS. Determinism, Perceiving God
What if “God” is “the supernatural version of you, me, and any individual?” Not in the sense of defying gravity, per say, but in the sense of having “INTERNAL LOVE, PEACE, and JOY RIGHT NOW” because “God” DWELLS WITHIN each of us yet most have not “activated God” by “living in LOVE?” (Excerpt from iSin: Upgrade To Life 2.0)


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