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Mar 05

Podcast Episode: Self-Praise & Selfishness

By shaydawkins | Intellectual Rebel Podcast

Intellectual Rebel Podcast

Episode: “Self-Praise & Selfishness”

with Special Guest: CAITLIN THIEDE

This episode of the Intellectual Rebel Podcast delves into the topic of self-praise, selfishness, and how there are positive and negative aspects of both concepts with special guest Caitlin Thiede (  Both aspects play an essential role in relationships with others along with the most important relationship, the loving relationship with yourself. The loving relationship with yourself and how to build it through self-awareness techniques is discussed in great detail throughout the conversation by self-awareness expert, “Solution” Shay Dawkins. If you are interested in finding out how limitless your potential and love really is, then check out a free sample of the iSin: Upgrade to Life 2.0 Audiobook

Dec 13

The Truth: Jesus’s True Two Commandments

By shaydawkins | Intellectual Rebel Podcast , Redifining Religion

“Solution” Shay Dawkins, host of the Intellectual Rebel Podcast, explains the truth, a global truth, by defining Jesus’s Two Commandments that are not preached, discussed, or emphasized nearly enough. For both the religious and the anti-religious, know that Jesus’s Two Commandments are quite different from the many messages of Christianity. Jesus’s message is truly quite practical yet profound for anyone, regardless of your belief system, because it focuses on showing you where to find true love, how to find it, and how to truly live in love via learning to have a loving relationship with yourself. Continue reading

Nov 22

Self-Awareness: The Key to Great Relationships, God, Solutions, Opportunities, and much more

By shaydawkins | Intellectual Rebel Podcast

Shay Dawkins (IG: @SolutionShay) hosts this edition of the Intellectual Rebel Podcast with special guest Brandon Knott (IG: @LifeofBknott).

Subject matter discussed:

  • What is self-awareness?
  • Why is self-awareness important?
  • How does meditation correlate with self-awareness?
  • Do dreams play a role with consciousness?
  • God, consciousness, & self-awareness
  • Using adversity for your benefit
  • Seeing opportunity with self-awareness
  • How self-awareness enables you to build great relationships
  • Other benefits of attaining self-awareness


Oct 11

Gun Control: A Debate

By shaydawkins | Intellectual Rebel Podcast

One of the goals of the Solution Shay Blog is to stimulate good conversation via enabling our members to partake in some good old-fashioned debate around relevant topics. I plan to get the conversation started by finding a video that presents a strong argument from both a more republican point of view (“the right”) and a more democratic point of view (“the left”). For our issue, gun control, I found the following two videos from Bill Whittle (“the right”) and Barack Obama (“the left”) to both make some very good points that we all should contemplate for ourselves.

“The Right”

“The Left”

Continue reading

Sep 19

The Remnant: Self-Aware People Wanting Progress and Opportunity

By shaydawkins | Intellectual Rebel Podcast

The Remnant

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss the group of people I hope to build great, mutually-beneficial relationships with through the different Intellectual Rebel platforms. I refer to these people as “the remnant” because there are few who meet the following criteria:

  1. Self-aware enough to think for themselves

  2. Yearn for progress and are solution-focused

  3. Take action on logical ways to find progress

In the podcast, I reference a page from the Explicit Version of iSin: Upgrade to Life 2.0 entitled, “3 Levels of Energy,” to give a simple, real-life example showing how your perception determines your internal energy level. Continue reading

Jan 06

George Carlin

By shaydawkins | Intellectual Rebel Podcast

In this category of the blog, I plan to discuss real-life “Intellectual Rebels” (Truth Tellers) featuring people both past and present who I feel my message correlates well with, and who I feel lived and promoted TRUTH in an enlightening and/or positive way that stimulates GOOD THOUGHT, LOVE, and/or JOY in the videos I will feature of them.  This does not mean the people featured here were perfect or “saints;” furthermore, know that I have NOT read and researched their entire biographies; so, if you are not fond of someone mentioned, then know I am just referring to them in the video links mentioned.  Just as I quote notable people from all professions and walks of life in iSin: Upgrade To Life 2.0, you will find the people featured in this category to be a VERY DIVERSE group of individuals.  Without further ado, I bring you my first “truth teller,” George Carlin.

Truth Teller: George Carlin

(*Explicit Material*) Mr. Carlin on Political Correctness (Euphemisms)

(*Explicit Material*) Mr. Carlin “Pro-Life is Anti-Woman”

(*Explicit Material*) Mr. Carlin on Global Warming

Personally, I love George Carlin.  His unique perspective and the spectacular delivery of his material truly makes him one of the greatest stand-up comics of all time.  I deliberately listed the 3 above videos to show how “his truth” crossed political lines in that he makes the case of being “Pro-Choice” (a more liberal point of view), not being a believer of “Global Warming” (a more conservative point of view), and not being a fan of “Political Correctness” (a more conservative point of view).  This leads me to the point that NO COMMON BELIEF SYSTEM is ALL TRUE with no faults, and I am referring SPECIFICALLY to POLITICS (Republican or Democrat) and RELIGION (being a believer in God or not believing in God); with that being said, just about EVERY COMMON BELIEF SYSTEM does have some truth and good beliefs in them; most importantly, ALL COMMON BELIEF SYSTEMS are NOT EQUAL in that MANY COMMON BELIEF SYSTEMS do have much MORE TRUTH and GOOD in them than others.  At the end of the day, if you believe strongly that something is TRUE and GOOD for you, then do not be afraid to research the POLAR OPPOSITE belief system from yours; furthermore, I advocate for you to seek out the POLAR OPPOSITE view point from yours, research it, and contemplate it as you will find that 99% of the time the PURE TRUTH lies somewhere in between two POLAR OPPOSITE view points, and you should always want to be SEEKING the TRUTH, YOUR TRUTH!



Dec 22

3 Focuses: Ideas, Progress, iSin Feedback

By shaydawkins | Intellectual Rebel Podcast

My goal with this blog is to connect with open-minded individuals and ultimately build an active “Intellectual Rebel Community” on this blog. I live with a “WE mentality” actively, and I’ve seen firsthand how powerful living with a “WE or TEAM mentality” can be from the great business successes and interpersonal success I have attained since living by this mentality.  Furthermore, I thrive off of good communication; so, some self-interest plays a role in wanting to build an active community because I do like to IMPROVE!  Below are three main focuses I would like the blog to be built around.


Discuss any topic or thought that intrigues you.  Have a question about religion that you are uncomfortable with asking to your preacher or the people around?  Ask it here. Have a business idea, but you are not comfortable discussing it with those you interact with on a day-to-day basis? Ask it here.  Hence, the Intellectual Rebel site and blog has been created for those who are AWAKENED enough to THINK for themselves, who WANT BETTER, and who actively strive to GET BETTER by becoming more aware and more knowledgeable on a daily basis.


State any small victories you have recently experienced. Discuss things you see as “Good” in the world aka “progress” you see in our world, and offer your expertise in whatever area you feel you bring value in. (Contact me to get my approval first), but I am all for you promoting yourself on my site. The way I see it is the more people and views you can bring to the site, the better it is for you and me. Hence, that is a prime example of the “POWER of WE” that is a vocal point of my book, iSin: Upgrade To Life 2.0.

iSin: Upgrade to Life 2.0 Feedback

I want feedback and would like to hear your questions about any topic or sub-topic discussed in iSin. I LOVE good, though-out feedback even if it is disagreeing with me. I will respect your opinion and criticism (for the matter) as long as any criticism is THOUGHT OUT with some logic to it. I am always striving to GET BETTER myself via attaining deeper insights. iSin will unlock and unleash a better version of yourself. With that being said, progress never sleeps.  I may currently be “Shay Version 3.0,” but before it is all said and done I hope to be at “Shay Version 9.0” or beyond. Hence, be free and open on here. Ask ANY question regarding the book or anything you would like discussed under the different blog categories. I’m an “open book” (no pun intended) and will answer anything you ask. Let’s get the ball rolling! Feel free to ask away!


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