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What is IRN?

The Intellectual Rebel Network (IRN) is an elite social network. IRN provides the basic functionalities of Facebook along with some added functionalities and opportunities that set us apart from any other social network. In a nutshell, if Facebook had a filter stating “only see beneficial and useful content,” then IRN would be that filter.

Basic Social Media Functionalities of IRN:

Messaging, Adding Friends, Creating Groups, Chatting, Creating a User Profile, Sharing Photos, an Activity Stream, etc.

What makes IRN elite?

The ability to enjoy the social aspects of traditional social media while ONLY viewing content that is BENEFICIAL, IMPORTANT, POSITIVE, PROGRESSIVE, or INTERESTING. All content posted will stimulate or be characterized by at least one of the following “10 Post Guidelines.”

10 Post Guidelines

If you like something, then let the creator of the content know you like it! Show some LOVE! If something good happens to you, then by all means share it. Brag on yourself here, when you feel the need. Let the IRN Community know about your successes. Celebrate your GOOD times. Spread GOOD!

Provide a unique perspective regarding a common topic or discuss a topic that is rarely discussed. If you have a new topic that isn’t already listed in the forums, then the IRN Team will create a new topic for you. Simply message the founder, Shay Dawkins, or one of the administrators.

#3 PROBLEM AWARENESS (Personal Problems)
Feel free to share news and information regarding problems you are experiencing in your personal life. Founder, Shay Dawkins, specializes in mental health and urges anyone experiencing turmoil in their life to reach out privately via direct messaging (DM) him or publicly in the “Personal Problems” topic under the forum category, “Mental Health.” IRN is a progress focused community of good people. We are here to help one another and build great relationships with one another!

#4 PROBLEM AWARENESS (Perceived Societal Problems)
By all means, let’s DISCUSS the problems you perceive in our society, but let’s truly have an adult minded discussion about it. Clearly state the logic and reason behind why you have arrived at the viewpoint you have and you will have the respect of IRN and other IRN members. Let’s diagnose the problem, then (as a collective) let’s all ONLY focus and dwell on potential solutions to that problem.

This aspect is the toughest to describe. Basically, anything that is NOT absolutely gross, beyond dumb, or containing nudity is permitted. IRN has been created for you to have an outlet to express yourself OPENLY, but do it with respect for yourself and for your fellow IRN members. Laughter is quite beneficial. Comedians are welcome, especially when the humor is witty, clever, or creative!

Instructive to some degree (preferably from experience) or provides your unique perspective on a topic you feel could be beneficial to others. Informing fellow IRN members of your talents and what you feel you or your business offers is welcome. IRN is totally for members promoting themselves, especially when it is relevant to the topic being discussed

#7 SOLUTION FOCUSED HONESTY (Disagreeing with Others)
If you disagree with something posted, then by all means be honest about it, BUT ALSO THOROUGHLY provide your logic and reasoning behind “WHY you disagree.” If you can’t explain “the why” behind why you disagree and have taken your current stance, then don’t comment. Also, try to provide a potential solution to the topic being discussed and why the stance you have taken is better with LOGIC and REASON.

Thinking deeply about a topic before posting content will show in your writing and earn you respect along with upgraded roles in the site (more on that in another post). Also, philosophical material regarding anything is highly recommended.

We highly recommend sharing any and all ideas with fellow members, especially mutually beneficial ideas. We are a community of progress and new opportunity. All progress begins with an idea. New opportunities are generated from the discussion of ideas.

Practice “HOT” communication and you will enable yourself to not only build great relationships here at IRN but also in your personal life. “HOT” communication and taking action are the biggest stimulates of progress. Practice “HOT” communication and you will THRIVE here at IRN.

If your posts can’t be characterized by at least one of the above mentioned characteristics, then you will be placed into the “Penalty Box” with your account being suspended. If ignorant posts continue, then you will be placed on “The Banned List” because IRN is not for you. 

Other Opportunities and Functionalities of IRN:

The ability to create your own unique content on the forums with added text and image functionalities such as what you would find in Microsoft Word; this enables you the opportunity to more thoroughly communicate and express yourself.

  • The opportunity to have your content posted on the Intellectual Rebel Blog by sharing your content in the “Guest Contributor Group.”
  • The ability to connect, network, and fellowship with other intellectual rebels (progress driven people who want to reach their full potential and live their life to the absolute fullest).
  • The opportunity to potentially become a guest on the Intellectual Rebel Podcast, if your message is interesting, valuable, and relevant enough for the founder, Shay Dawkins, to feel it needs to be heard.
  • Earn “Intellectual Rebel Points” (IR Points) via interacting, sharing, commenting, and being active on IRN. IR points can be redeemed for prizes, will get you noticed by our administrative staff, and will earn you more freedom with IRN via advancing your role with the network (if that’s what you would like).



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